Summer Showcase

Annual Summer Showcase

C&C Ballroom Dance thanks all of our amazing students that have attended, and performed in both our first and second Summer Showcase. We cannot wait for 2018 to do it again!

What is a Showcase?

A showcase is an exciting evening of dance performances that have been put together for your viewing pleasure. On average you can expect to see between 20-40 performances each between 1-3 minutes in length.

Who can dance in the Showcase?

Everyone! From youth students to adults, and from brand new students to professionals you’ll see a range of skill levels that will be sure to inspire everyone of all levels.

Students can perform as amateur couples or with their teacher. Students can also create a group performance of 3 or more people.

Why Should I perform in the Showcase?

There is no better way to inspire yourself to progress your dancing to the next level than giving yourself a goal and a deadline to have a performance ready! Not to mention it’s one of the most exciting things you can ever do in your dance life!

Below are some videos of routines that were performed at our Showcase.

2017 Showcase

Videos will be uploaded within 1-2 weeks after showcase. Check back soon!

2016 Showcase