C & C Ballroom Dance is home to a diverse range of instructors from all kinds of backgrounds and skills. Our studio is DVIDA certified to ensure your success on the dance floor with any of our instructors. We teach both social dancing and competitive dancing in Ballroom, Standard, Latin, Rhythm, and Country Western, and Swing. Please take a look at some information about each of our talented instructors.

Angelica Neavez

Angelica was born in Torreon, a beautiful northern metropolis of Mexico. As a toddler her family relocated to our fun-loving city of San Antonio, where she fell in love with Hip Hop dancing. By the age of 5 she was dancing Hip Hop competitively. She later joined her local Community Center where she joined a hip-hop dance crew that performed all over the city. Her community center had multiple special guest teachers that introduced her to Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, and of course continued her Hip Hop Education.

Angelica became enchanted with Ballroom Dancing as a teenager by its beauty, elegance, and the new challenge dancing with a partner brings. She decided to join C&C Ballroom Dance because it felt warm, welcoming, and family-like compared to other dance schools she previously experienced.



IMG_0783 Anthony Jackson


Anthony was born in Miami, Florida and then his family relocated to San Antonio. He learned very quickly how fun dancing could be and decided immediately it was something he would like to do more often. He played a number of sports at a young age that required control of balance, strength, and stamina which contributed to a smooth transition in learning how to dance. Shortly after becoming  a dancer he immediately participated in different show dances with other professionals as well as choreograph wedding  performances. As a teacher Anthony loves how excited new students are to learn how to dance, as well as how excited his regular students become once they are shown something new and fun!




IMG_0817 Brandon DeLong


Brandon is a native Texan who was introduced to dancing by his family, however like many others struggled to understand the basics and had mixed feelings because of it. Luckily he took lessons and fell in love with it right after! Brandon decided to become a teacher after years of social dancing because he wanted to challenge himself (and others) to be better dancers.

Helping his students achieve their individual goals is what drives him as a dance instructor; whether it’s for physical fitness, social uses, relaxation or simply learning a cool new move. When he’s not teaching he performs in all types of events and shows. His real passion is the thrill and excitement of seeing his students on the competition floor, and their progress from event to event. His favorite thing about being an instructor is that “AHA!” moment his students have when they breakthrough to success!


IMG_0821 Derek Cantu


Derek Cantu is native to Poth, Texas, a small town an hour out of San Antonio. He moved to San Antonio 12 years ago.

After his football career, Derek started dancing as a student of Jennifer’s in February 2009. He first studied the rhythm dances, then ventured into west coast swing, which is now Derek’s favorite dance. In the summer of 2010, Jennifer and David offered him teach professionally for Arthur Murray Dance Studio in San Antonio.

Derek joined the C & C crew in may 2013 and couldn’t be happier. Derek loves to compete with his students and  performing in shows with them. Derek says his favorite moment is when he walks into the C & C door and sees all  those beautiful smiles!


Stacy La Tulip

Stacy grew up in Indiana where she attended Purdue University. She later enlisted in the U.S. Army as a combat medic. After her time with the Army she decided to stay in San Antonio.

Stacy started dancing as quickly as she could walk. She competed in what was the first of many competitions at the age of 6. After high school she coached a high school dance team that went to compete in the State Championships. While in college she won multiple state titles in dance. She also had the exciting opportunity of teaching ballet and jazz in Germany.

Stacy has been with us at C&C Ballroom Dance now since 2014. Her favorite part of teaching ballroom dancing is watching others fall in love with her first love… Dance!




David Castro & Jennifer Cizmas (Studio Owners)


David will deny any existence of any compilation DVD his parents claim to hold of him showing the progression of his dancing skills  since early childhood. So we will say it started magically when David attended UTSA to begin his business studies and after three  years decided to venture north to the wonderful state of Massachusetts. He began his dancing career with Arthur Murray Dance  Studio in Worcester, Massachusetts. After three and a half years with the company he transferred back home to the great city of  San Antonio to be with family, and immediately began work at the Arthur Murray in San Antonio. Working there he quickly met his  professional dance partner Ms. Jennifer Cizmas and they began their professional competitive career together.

Jennie was born and raised in Troy, Michigan. She started dancing ballet and jazz at the age of 7. It wasn’t until college that Jennie  was introduced to the wonderful world of ballroom dancing. It all started with Swing. She received a BA in elementary education with  a major in music and biology. After college she found a job teaching ballroom dance at Arthur Murray in Bloomfield Hills, MI. What  better way to use her degree than teach the mechanics of movement to music? Three and a half years later Jennie moved to Arthur  Murray San Antonio, where she met David. She worked for Arthur Murray for six more years before she and David moved on to  open C & C Ballroom Dance.

After the closing of the Arthur Murray school in San Antonio, David and Jennie went out on their own and over the course of the next year through extremely hard work, dedication, and the most exceptional students in the entire world were able to save up enough money to open up the first C & C Ballroom Dance! Since the opening of C & C Ballroom Dance they have won multiple Top Studio and Top Teacher trophies at competitions.

Their life long dream is to own a series of schools of their own that are solely driven by not only love and passion of dance but the love and passion to share that knowledge and its benefits with others (at the lowest cost possible).