A La Carte

C&C Ballroom Dance has options that can fit everyone. We understand that life can be fast-paced, busy, or just plain chaotic. As a result we also offer Private Lessons and Group Classes “A La Carte”.

Want to take group classes but don’t think you can come in very often?
If you don’t currently have the time to commit to joining our Unlimited Group Classes program then you’re welcome to just pay for the individual group classes that you can manage to attend.

Individual Group Classes are $10 each.

Interested in Private Lessons- but afraid you may not be able to commit to a dance program?

The majority of our professionals are full-time, and have years of experience to ensure that no matter the situation we can help you come in and dance when it will work for you. We will sit down with you and come up with an “A La Carte” private lesson option that you’re satisfied with and still see progress in your dancing.


Want more information on the different options that we have available? Give us a call at (210)233-1041 or fill out the contact us form to the right of the page.