New Student Program

Black FeetTo ensure your success after your complimentary private lesson, we’ve tailored a program that we recommend for almost every new student.

What’s included?

  • 4 private lessons

  • One month of unlimited groups, parties, and outings/socials

During your New Student Program your instructor will work with you personally to introduce you to the dances you’re interested in. Find out which dances you like the most, and discover your strengths that will help you as a dancer. Finally they will custom-tailor a lesson plan for your individual needs.

Private lessons are a wonderful way to progress with your dancing, because this is where you get the one on one attention you need to be able to advance at your quickest rate. Most students will stereo-typically stick to doing 1-2 private lessons per week.

Group Classes are valuable tools that will allow you to learn multiple new steps under the guidance of a professional, meet other students, and practice your dancing. For the best advancement most of our students will attend 2-4 group classes per week.

Parties & Social Outings dancing isn’t just about educating yourself as a dancer, it’s also about having fun, and unwinding from stress. Attend our parties and socials in order to relax, and have some fun. Practice the skills you’ve learned in your Private Lessons & Group Classes in a controlled environment with people you know. Finally meet other students and make new friends!

You can view our group class calendar here on the schedule page. We have several group classes throughout the week as well as most Saturdays. Every week we have a social party where we turn the lights down low, turn on the music, and boogie down. Once or twice a month we take our students out on the town to one of the local dance halls. We switch locations regularly to make sure that you get to do Country, Latin, and Swing.

Most importantly, no partner required!