Every wedding has a first dance, and this is the one dance you (and your spouse) will remember for the rest of your life. So why not make it fun and enjoyable, by starting off on the right foot by registering for our complimentary private lesson.

Whether you are interested in just learning one step, a full choreographed wedding routine, an entrance, a dip or just to come in and refresh your skills, our certified professional dance instructors will be able to service your desire!

Having a hard time convincing him ladies? Tell him it’s free! If that doesn’t work tell him how many brownie points he will earn. And he will need to start racking those up as soon as possible!

Call today to reserve your time for your complimentary wedding dance!

Or if you have further questions send us an email

******Be prepared*******
Bring shoes that are comfortable to dance in
If you have picked your first dance please bring the music (if you haven’t no worries, we can help)
Know the dimensions of your dance space at your wedding
Live band or dj? If a live band will be playing your first dance do they have a recording of them singing your song you can bring?